Purchasing Art

Thank you for making it to this page. This art sale is not a large commercial venture. The object is to get Barb’s art out to her followers and to create some new followers along the way. There are only 300 pieces in the Collections. All of the net proceeds from the sale of Barb’s art will be used to fund a scholarship in her name. By making a purchase, you get to enjoy the art and contribute to a worthy cause.

The prices shown next to the pieces are net of all taxes and shipping costs. Shipping costs and arrangements will vary depending on the piece. It is difficult and risky to ship framed art work. Glass breakage is a constant threat. If you are located in Vancouver or Victoria and want to order a framed piece, it would be best to arrange for payment and pick up in person. Pieces ordered from Victoria will be shipped for pick-up from a family member in Victoria.

To order your art piece(s) please visit our collections page and add the pieces you like to your cart.