Barbara Joan Wood

Barb Wood, artist , mother, community volunteer and one of the most delightful members of Canada's fine arts community passed away on March 19, 2014. Barb graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1975. Following this she moved to Vancouver with her husband Don Hazleden where they made a great life with their two sons Arthur and Roger.

Barb's passions were family, art, travel and friends. Her art, capturing many of the scenes of our towns and countryside, was distinct and a delight to many. Her drawings of historic buildings, streets and squares always involved people and the life of the place. Often she converted her designs to etchings, then working long hours tinting in the hand made prints. In this way her work brought joy to thousands of homes and offices across the country. Barb's travels with the family often appeared in travel articles featuring her drawings, experiences with the locals and helpful family travels tips. Life with Barb was full of joy and wonder and inspiration. She will be missed by many. Donations in her memory can be made to St Paul's Hospital cardiac research programs.

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